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Return of Gyms and Sports Centers into Work from 21 June in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Sports lifts the suspension of sports activity in the Kingdom, including the return of gyms, sports centers, club training in various games, starting tomorrow 21 June based on the statement issued by the Ministry of Interior this evening Saturday, in which it was announced the return of commercial and economic activities in all regions and cities of the Kingdom. Trending : Barber shops & beauty salons to start work from Sunday

The Ministry of Sports announces the return of activity to all gyms and sports centers in the Kingdom, starting tomorrow, Sunday, 21 June, with the need to stick to the guidelines for the protocol for the return of gyms and sports centers. Recommend : Saudi Arabia lifts Curfew all over the Kingdom

Protocols to Follow at Sports Centers or Gyms :

1. Obliging employees to wear masks inside gyms and sports centers, and to provide means and tools
Safety and protection.

2. Removing the fingerprint device and using alternative methods.

3. It is preferable to encourage the elderly and the patients with chronic diseases not to attend.

4. Minimize personal contact with subscribers when dealing with them and stick to social distance.

5. Prevent subscribers who do not wear masks from entering or provide them with them at the entrance if possible.

6. Children under 15 years are prohibited from entering, except for the sports centers designated for them.

7. It is not recommended to use gloves as an alternative to washing and disinfecting hands after using the equipment provided to subscribers.

8. Workers should wash hands for a period of not less than 40 seconds with soap and water, or disinfect it with water.

9. Sanitize Hands for at least 20 seconds if soap and water are not available.

10. Staff must follow the instructions for the time, type and how to wear safety tools And personal protection.

11. Preventing the delivery of food and beverages and the disposal of water coolers and food refrigerators.

12. It is allowed to distribute water cans to subscribers or they can bring with them.

Return of Gyms and Sports Centers into Work from 21 June in Saudi Arabia -

Return of Gyms and Sports Centers into Work from 21 June in Saudi Arabia -

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