Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, June 7, 2020

Penalties for Gatherings Inside or Outside the shops of Shoppers or Workers

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia clarified the punishment for any gathering of shoppers or workers inside or outside the shops, in excess of the numbers than mentioned in the precautionary measures and preventive measures of Covid-19.

The penalties included a fine of 5,000 Saudi riyals for the owner of the company or responsible, for each and every person who exceeded the allowed numbers, by not more than 100,000 riyals, and 5,000 riyals fine to attend or invite to attend or cause that.

-The ministry said that in the event of a violation for the 2nd time, the fine becomes 10,000 riyals for each person who exceeds the numbers than mentioned, for the owner of the company or the responsible, and the same for those who attended or caused the attendance or invited him.

- The fine doubles the 3rd time, and the person in charge of the facility is referred to the Public Prosecution, as well as whoever attended, caused or invited him to attend.

- If the establishment is subordinate to the private sector, and the violation is repeated for the 1st time, the facility will be closed for 3 months, and if it is repeated for the 2nd time, the facility will be closed for 6 months.

- If the violator was a resident expatriate, he would be deported from Saudi Arabia and will be banned from entering into Kingdom permanently, after implementing the punishment against him.

- The Ministry called on Saudi citizens and resident expatriates to report the violating gatherings on the toll-free number (999) in all regions of the Kingdom, with the exception of Makkah Al-Mukarramah Province, as you reach there at number (911).

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