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The Custodian of Two Holy Mosques addresses Citizens and Muslims on Ramadan

All Praises to be God alone, who said in his great book: “The month of Ramadan in which the Qur’an was revealed, This is for people and the evidence of the guiding and farther". And prayers and peace be upon the best of all God's creation. My sons and daughters, My brothers and sisters, the citizens, the residents, and the Muslims in the east and west of the earth.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God on you, Thank God, that we reached this great month, and I congratulate you and myself to reach the month of mercy and forgiveness holy month, which has doubled in which good deeds, which recalls the joy of the great revelation of the great book of God, in the night is better than a thousand months, and we pray to the Allah May this generous month carry in its shadows a speedy recovery for every patient and lasting peace for every human being, and a broad mercy for everyone who has moved to the mercy of Allah Almighty before he reaches Ramadan.

My sons and daughters, my brothers and sisters and Muslims: Ramadan has entered this year when we are living this extremely circumstance that has affected all humankind, the difficult and sensitive phase of the history of the world, from the outbreak of the pandemic of the infertile Corona virus.

As honored what God prefers to do us , A service we honor and fulfill the right by honoring the mercy of the merciful, from the pilgrims, the visitors, and the rest of all. And the good, for their safety and their security, and to offer the best of their needs, are put to the greatest of their destiny. We have continued to continue what God has honored us with from the loss of his guests, and to take care of them and to care for them, as we honor all that. Of what God has honored its guests service, care and take care of them, we are honored as all of this, we are proud taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the system of precautionary measures to curb the spread of a pandemic emerging corona, and was keen to provide all that would serve.

My sons and daughters, my brothers and sisters, Allow me to speak on your behalf, farewell and thankful to all my sons and sons, who are involved in the border and the revolutions, of the healthy practitioners, and The military and security sectors, and all the workers in the state's provinces, and volunteers for human welfare and health, who pray day and night to ward off risks all about Human beings and our country, in particular, the risks This epidemic, to all of them I say, may God bless your efforts and succeed in your endeavors. Be sincere in your work and your dedication to your country service.

Your great work is a crown of honor to every one of you, a pride in us among you, and a great worship that will grow its reward until the Day of Resurrection. I pray Allah the Great in this honorable month, to deliver you, protect you and help you, that He is able to do everything.

My sons and daughters, The entrust in God and our reasons in order to confront this pandemic asking God requires us to continue to work hard at this difficult time and commitment issued by the competent authorities of the instructions and guidelines aimed at your safety and maintain your health, that efforts contribute to the lifting of the epidemic, revealing the scourge of our country, and all Countries of the Earth.

My sons and daughters, my brothers and sisters, I believe you say, that we enter this great month, under circumstances not given us the opportunity to pray in congregation and perform Taraweeh and do in the Mosques, because of the precautions to maintain procedures on people's lives and health in the face of a pandemic virus Corona emerging, but solace all that we comply so the instructions we set The wise, who made preserving himself for his great purposes, it came in the noble hadith: “If you hear about a land in which the plauge is occurring, don't enter it, and if you are in the land, then don't leave it. "

My Muslim brothers: In Ramadan, great lessons incite competition for good things. May God accept from us and from you fasting and resurrection, longing for us all success and facilitating all good for us, and keeping our country and the countries of the world all from every badness. Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah.

The Custodian of Two Holy Mosques addresses Citizens and Muslims on Ramadan

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