Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Indian Supreme Court suspends Repatriation of its Citizens at this stage, including from Gulf

India's Supreme Court has decided to postpone for 4 weeks all petitions on "Bring back stranded Indians in various abroad countries". The court announced its decision on a petition from Indian expats in the Gulf seeking evacuation after the Coronavirus pandemic.

The judgement is particularly related to UAE, where the country's Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization said it would consider reviewing labor agreements between the countries who refuse to accept their nationals re-entry, who are currently employed in the private companies in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

- The UAE proposals include strict future restrictions on the recruitment of workers from countries who are refusing to accept their citizens and activating a 'quota' based system for them in future.

- The UAE Ministry introduced an Early Leave system for private companies employees in UAE last week allowing them to temporarily return back to their home countries during this Covid-19 pandemic as a precautionary measures in the country.

- The Ministry of External Affairs of India said some countries have reported a very large number of cases including deaths, putting passengers from these countries particularly at higher risk of infection, The return of such passengers to different regions of India poses a high risk to the country of a population over 1.3 billion.

- The Indian government has called the Indian nationals to stay where they are in order to contain the spread of virus in India and allow the health authorities to focus on domestic containment effectively at this stage.

- India has been in a nationwide lockdown since 25th March, It has suspended all International flights from March 19 until May 3.

Indian Supreme Court suspends Repatriation of its Citizens, including from Gulf

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