Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, April 24, 2020

Municipality adds a list of Shops that can be operate between 3 PM to 3 AM during Ramadan

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in Saudi Arabia added a new list of shops that are allowed to operate during the month of Ramadan from 3 PM in afternoon to 3 AM in the morning, as per the statement issued by the Ministry of Interior. Related : Adjusting timings of restaurants activity during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

The allowing list of 20 additional commercial activities included permitting Boofiya, Ice cream shops, boutiques, beans, buffets and feeds, beverage and coffee shops, fresh juice and cold drinks, sweets, bakeries, chocolate and cocoa retail and pastry shops. Trending : Delivery of Zamzam water to home with an electronic platform

- However, the services of these shops shall be for external requests through delivery applications or its own application, subject to health requirements approved by the competent authorities.

Municipality adds a new list of Shops that can be open between 3 PM to 3 AM during Ramadan

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