Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Ministry of Health calls everyone to Stay at Home and ensure Safety and Health

The Ministry's spokesperson said 'Only 50% were staying at home or reducing traffic movement, The gatherings that we witnessed at the grocery shops or stores were disturbing and a decision of 24 hours Curfew is in the interest of society and community. Trending : Ministry of HR allows Employers to reduce salaries and working hours

- The world started recording Coronavirus cases at the beginning of January, Saudi Arabia registered its first case on March 2, We applied early precautionary measures after the latest cases recorded.

- We have approximately 80,000 beds in health facilities, In which 8,000 are ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds, We have allocated more than 2000 beds for sanitary insulation. See Also : 24 Hours curfew in Riyadh, Dammam and other cities

- If people don't commit in the coming months, hundreds of thousands will be at risk of infection, This is not a imaginary scenario.

- The World Health Organization (WHO) found in the decision to provide health services to residents and violators of residence a practical application of the concept of "health for all", I invited the world to follow the example of Saudi Arabia in this step.

- The pandemic will disappear, God willing, and it will be from history, but we do not want it to disappear with the loss of a relative or a lover. Read : Jawazat extending Expats Iqamas for 3 months

- If risks of Coronavirus continue, preventive measures should continue, even in two seasons Ramadan And the Hajj.

- Ministry of Health's website reports 2605 total infections and total active cases to 2016 after 551 recoveries and 38 deaths in Saudi Arabia as per the update on 6th April 2020 (10 PM) . Most Viewed : King Salman orders free treatment of Coronavirus for citizens, residents and violators

- The Ministry invites everyone to keep following to preventive guidelines such as avoiding shaking hands, constantly washing hands, avoiding gatherings, staying at home throughout the day and night to ensure safety and health, and contact 937 for inquiries and consultations regarding Coronavirus 24 hours a day.

Ministry calls everyone to Stay at Home and ensure your Safety and Health

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