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Frequently Asked Questions on Curfew in Saudi Arabia, Here is the Answers for it

Which cities and governorates of Saudi Arabia are under 24 Hours Curfew and Lockdown?

- Cities : Riyadh, Dammam, Tabuk, Dhahran and Hofuf

- Governorates : Jeddah, Khobar, Taif and Qatif

What about the other cities and governorates not listed above?

- All the other cities and governorates of Saudi Arabia has a Curfew from 3 PM to 6 AM.

Are Pharmacies and Grocery stores Open?

- Pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, grocery stores and other essential services are exempted from curfew of Saudi Arabia.

What are Essential Services mentioned above?

- Electricity, Air Conditioning, Laundry, Plumbing and water sanitization services are allowed to operate during curfew.

- Fuel stations and vehicle maintenance services inside fuel stations will still operate during Curfew in Saudi Arabia.

Who others are exempt from the Curfew of Saudi Arabia?

- Security police staff, Media and all medical staff are exempt from any restrictions during curfew in the Kingdom.

I want to buy Grocery food items, Can I go?

- You can go only between 6 AM to 3 PM, But only for buying food or medicine, You must not go far from your residential area.

- Only one person from home and a card driver is allowed during 6 AM to 3 PM for buy medicine or grocery.

Are Food delivery services allowed?

- Restaurants can do home deliveries until 10 PM in all the provinces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What about Farming and Agricultural services are they exempted from Curfew?

- Those who are working in the farming industry, including those in the livestock, poultry, beekeeping and fish industry can still work with a valid permit from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. One permit is valid for 7 days.

What about Charitable societies and volunteers work?

- All charitable societies, volunteers and neighborhood centers are exempt from curfew in the Kingdom but only from 6 AM to 3 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions on Curfew in Saudi Arabia, Here is the Answers for it

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