Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, March 12, 2020

Saudi Aramco apologizes for dressing Expat Employee as Hand Sanitizer Unit

Saudi Aramco has apologized after one of its expatriate employee was asked to dress as a human hand sanitizer dispenser. Soon after images and videos became viral in social media, The company attracted criticism. Similar : Saudi Aramco updates new prices of gasoline for March 2020 in Sauid Arabia

Immediately, The company Tweeted "With regard to the image and video circulating on social media of a colleague dressed as sterilization package in one of the facilities, Saudi Aramco would like to express their strong disappointment with this insulting behavior which intended to place an emphasis on the importance of sterilization, without prior consent from the concerned party in company". See Also : Recovery of first case of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

- Saudi Aramco halted the act immediately and has taken strict measures in order to prevent it from happening again, The company emphasizes its firm against compromising its values based on respect and adherence to ethics and conduct, tweeted Aramco in its another tweet.

- Many people were upset by the act of the such big company who made its employee to dress like this, The intention may have been to raise awareness of the importance of keeping hands clean, But the image and video evoked anger. Read : Saudi Arabia temporarily bans Shisha in restaurants and cafes fearing Coronavirus

- Few people on Twitter called Aramco, To compensate the worker and pay for damages, Another user said, The worker must be compensated financially and morally, while the other user said 'Those who thought to use employee as robot or doll, controlling humans whichever way he wants, must be punished'.

Saudi Aramco apologizes for dressing Employee as Hand Sanitizer Unit

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