Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, March 27, 2020

Saudi Arabia releases 250 labor offenders amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has released about 250 detainee expats, who were arrested over non-violent immigration and iqama violations, as part of efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus said the President of Human Rights Commission Awwad Al Awwad. Trending : Jawazat announcement for employees with final exit visas and iqamas expired

He said in a tweet that "We praise the decision of the related authorities of Saudi Arabia for releasing more than 250 detainees, Releasing them eventual repatriation will help in decrease the threat of inmates of the detention centers without compromising with public security in anyway".

- Al Awwad also said "The decision of the Kingdom confirms the commitment to protect all persons present on it soil from this coronavirus pandemic". Read : No entries and exits in Riyadh, Makkah and Madina after order of cities lockdown

- Al Awwad stressed that the Saudi Arabia has responded to the new Covid-19 with a number of precautionary measures, taking into account human rights and has not exercised any discrimination between citizens and expatriates in this regard.

Saudi Arabia releases 250 detainees over Coronavirus outbreak

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