Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, July 9, 2020

Saudi Arabia is 27th Happiest in the World &  2nd Happiest in the Arab World,  As per Happiest Index

Saudi Arabia has jumped up its ranking to 27th from 28th place, UAE remained in 21st, Bahrain at 40th from 29th position, Kuwait at 48th from 51st place in the list of world's happiest index countries of 2020 as per the UN report. Recommend : List of banned items from bringing into Saudi Arabia

While in the Arab countries, Saudi Arabia is at 2nd place from 3rd happiest country. The rankings are based on support well being, freedom, income, trust, healthy life, social support and generosity. See Also : Asian countries are the most populated countries in the world

- Pakistan is now at 66th place from the 67th happiest country last year, Philippines is now at 52nd place from 69th, Indonesia is at 84th from 92nd happiest country, China is at 94th from 93rd last year, Nepal gains 92nd from 100th spot, Bangladesh gains 107th place from 125th, Sri Lanka remains at 130th.

- Indians are not as happy as they were in 2018 and in 2019 as they drop 7 spots and 4 spots and loosed to144th from 140th spot in last year according to the UN report of 156 happiest countries in 2020. However Indians are happier than African Republic (149), Afghanistan (153), Yemen (146) and Zimbabwe(151). Read : World with out Filipinos

- Finland remained as the happiest country with first spot in the world followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and The Norway.


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