Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Ministry Of Commerce in Saudi Arabia seizes Warehouse with Face Masks for selling Later

The Ministry of Commerce during its inspections has seized a facility warehouse  that stored quantities of masks with a view of selling them later, and has not disclosed the amount it has to the SFDA.

The Ministry has monitored some violations by raising the prices of masks and sterilizers and has applied penalties against violators, and ensures that there will be no negligence in pushing those who manipulate or influence prices, taking advantage of the current circumstances and the most severe penalty will be applied against them.

- The Ministry of Commerce and Trade during its inspection tours and through its investigations and in cooperation with the Saudi Food Drug and Authority.

- Accordingly, The quantities of masks were seized for distribution, The necessary penalties were imposed against the establishment and referred to the competent authorities.

- The Ministry warns importers who refrain from disclosing the quantities they have, and invites them to pump the stock into the market in coordination with the authority.

Ministry Of Commerce seizes Warehouse with Face Masks for selling Later

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