Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, March 15, 2020

Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia announces 15 new cases of Coronavirus, Total reached 118, 3 cases Recovered

The Health Ministry in Saudi Arabia announces new 15 infected cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) bringing to total 118 cases as of now in the Kingdom, In which 3 cases recovered and discharged from health facilities of the country, Remaining 115 cases are currently in isolation at various health centers. Trending : Saudi Arabia closes shopping malls, Parks, Restaurants and Cafes fearing Coronavirus

The total 15 new cases of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia are as follows,

- 2 Residents, 1 Filipino and 1 Indonesian expatriate in Riyadh, They were in contact with previous cases and currently are isolated in health facility of Riyadh.

- 5 Saudi citizens they were in contact with previous cases, All of them are isolate now in the health facility of Qatif. Recommend : Visit visas can now be extended as Saudi Arabia cancelled all Internaitonal flights

- 1 Case is of Spanish expatriate, He came from Spain, Now isolated in the facility of Al Khobar region.

- 2 Cases of Saudi Nationals, The first one came from Spain and the 2nd person came from Britain, At present they are isolated in the health facility of Dhahran.

- 2 case of Saudis, 1 Male Citizen coming from Iran and the 1 female citizen coming from Iraq, They are currently in isolation in Qatif.

- 1 Case is of an Egyptian, He is now isolated at Dammam health facility. See Also : Medical leave of 14 days for self quarantine in home after entering into Saudi Arabia

- 2 Cases belongs to Saudi Nationals, First person came from Britain and the second one came from Switzerland, They are currently isolated in Jeddah.

Ministry announces 15 new Coronavirus cases, Total 118, 3 Recovered

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