Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, November 10, 2019

Guide to register for Technician membership on Saudi Council of Engineers, Must for Techinican Iqama professions

Procedure for the registration of membership with Saudi Council of Engineering for the listed "Saudi Council of Engineers Technician List", Iqama will not be renewed of those expatriates who failed to register for Technician membership with SCE.

Procedure for Diploma holders to register as Technician in Saudi Council :

1. Create a profile in Saudi Council of Engineering (SCE) portal.

2. Upload both sides of Saudi Embassy attested diploma or certification.

3. Authorization Letter, Download from  and fill it properly.

4. Introduction from the Current Saudi Employer, attested by Chamber of Commerce.

5. Copy of Iqama, Passport and Visa entry page from the passport.

6. Passport quality Photograph.

Note : All documents are subject to verification from the issuing agency.

Procedure for Non diploma or certification holders to register as Techincian in Saudi Council :

1. Experience certificate as per profession issued from the Employer.

2. Authorization Letter, Download form and fill it properly.

3. Introduction Letter from the current employer attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

4. Copy of Iqama, Passport and Visa entry page in the passport.

5. Passport quality Photograph.

Procedure to register membership in Saudi Council as Technician

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