Nov 5, 2019

e-Screens with Fuel Prices are now mandatory at Petrol stations in Saudi Arabia

Now Gasoline stations in Saudi Arabia are required to install electronic screens at the entrances for displaying fuel prices. As the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs made it mandatory.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs the Kingdom issued a decree for making it mandatory to display the petrol prices at the entrance of stations. The electronic screens to show the fuel prices of Gaoline 95 and 91, diesel and kerosene.

- The Ministry ordered to apply it in all municipalities of the Kingdom to ensure that fuel stations set up e-screens to display the prices and monitor strict compliance by its directives.

- The new rule helps to promote and enhance transparency and credibility between the consumers and service providers and ensure compliance with new rules without changing or disturbing the current official fuel prices in the country.

E-Screens with Fuel prices are now mandatory at Petrol stations

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