Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Saudi authorities arrested a man for walking with a lion at Jeddah road

Saudi Arabia's security authorities arrested a man after he was seen walking with a lion on a main road in the Jeddah city.

The arrest of a man came after the security agencies were informed that a man was seen with the wild animila lion outside a cafeteria, reported local sources in the Kingdom.

- Police personnel headed to the informed site, where the man was found with a lion inside his car, The sources revealed the man is a Saudi citizen, The man handed the animal over to the city's municipal authorities.

- The Saudi Wildlife Commission had issued a warning to the people of Saudi Arabia against keeping the wild animals as pets or trafficking in beasts in breach of the Saudi law.

- The Commission alerted the public to inform security authorities and report such houses or farmhouses where the animals are being kept as their pet, which pose a threat to the people's safety.

Man arrested for walking with lion at Jeddah road

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