Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, June 4, 2019

General Entertainment Authority presents more than 80 Events this Eid Season

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) is offering about 80 various events for the visitors and residents of Saudi Arabia during the 'Eid Season', it will be held for 5 days starting from the first day of Eid allover the Kingdom.

The entries in these events are free of charge, families and individuals can attend the events in several parks and public places. Various cartoon characters in different malls.


- King Abdullah Park in Al Malaz will host the Cruise of Entertainment for 5 days from the beginning of the Eid.

- Eid Vibes will be held in Hezam Park in Al Rafiah area.

- Bahjat Al Riyadh in the festivals stadium on King Abdullah Road and the Eastern Ring.

- Mudawi festival at King Fahad National Library's Garden.

- Baby Shark show in Granada Mall, Ice Age show in Panorama Mall, The Pearl and the Diamond play in Hayat Mall, Barney event at Riyadh Gallery, Power Rangers at Riyadh Park, and Paw Patrol to be featured in Al Hamra Mall.

- Eloise circus at Riyadh's Alnakheel Mall, Rob Lake's International Magic show in the Kingdom's schools.

- 'Americano Circus' in Granada Mall.


- Eid Village will be held at King Fahad Park.

- WaterFront in Khobar will host Eid Festivities.

- Dreen Mall will present Care Bears show, famous children show Teletubbies and Shatea Mall, a Barbie event at Dahran Mall and Transformers show feature in Khobar Mall.

- Hollywood Circus at King Abdullah Park of Dammam's waterfront, 'Shadow Land' at Dahrah International Fair.


- Eid Carnival at King Abdullah Park

- Juatha Park will host Kites event

- SpongeBob event will be held in Al Ahsa Mall, Bob and the Builder will be featured at Al Rashed Square.

- AL Dahsha Circus at AL Ahsa's AL Rashid Square.


- 'Fun Kid' event will be held at Al Rudaf park, African Circus at Al Rudaf Park.

- Hayati Girl and Fireman Sam event at Jouri Mall and Sonic Boom at the heart of Taif Mall.


- Shows and children's theater in addition to cultural activities for residents and visitors with Roshan event at King Fahad Park.


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