Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, June 8, 2019

A Saudi & an Arab Exat steal Company's Safe in broad Daylight

A Saudi citizen and an Arab expatriate stole a safe from a trading company in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia, As per the local report the Saudi guy was in his twenties and the police in the Kingdom have been arrested both the suspects. Trending : New moon sighting system in Mecca's Clock Tower

A CCTV footage of the company showed both while they are transporting the safe and loading it in to a van, which was parked within the company compound. Read : Expat remittances dropped by 9%

- The robbery happened in broad daylight in the neighborhood of Dammam's Al Manar city said the police spokesperson of the Easter Province.

- He revealed that the suspected thieves were identified and arrested based on the footage of the CCTV, and brought to justice and face legal charges. See Also : Procedure to get endorsement letter from Embassy for Saudi Police Clearance Certificate


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