Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sep 3, 2018


As employing expatriate workers gets expensive, The rate of Saudization in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) is expected to increase, according to recent market analysis and traders. Most Viewed : Inspection teams sent all over Kingdom to inspect on Saudization

As per Zawya report, 90% of companies in the private sector are Small and Medium Enterprises, They will be forced to hire more Saudi citizens which will result in increase in the cost of employing expatriate workers.

- Its a new strategy of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MSLD) to achieve a balance between the number of job seekers and the current economic situation of private companies. Currently, Saudis are receiving a monthly salary ranging between 3000 to 5000 Saudi riyals.

- Decision makers represent 15 to 20% workers in an organization, They are getting a salary of 10,000 to 15,000 riyals salary monthly. Saudi citizens should work on these positions as there are nearly 100,000 Saudi nationals who have graduated from foreign universities under the King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program. Recommend : New Saudization to replace expatriates with Saudi citizens

- These highly qualified Saudi graduates can replace those highly paid expats. The main reason for Saudis leaving private companies is the lack of confidence between Saudi employees and management. It is because of presence of expats in top management in companies.

- The unemployment rate to fall from 12.9% as a result of increase in the cost of employing expatriates, All jobs are important and the government want to Saudize jobs in all sectors without any exemption. See Also : Help is just a tweet away to Indians living all over the world

- Saudization program was going ahead in the right direction despite the challenges posed by the illegal Tasattur businesses and some employers. Private sectors should support the government's effort to create suitable job opportunities for young Saudi men and women.

- Need to employ more Saudis in senior managerial positions to facilitate employment of Saudis in the private sector. Read : Pilgrims are advised to leave Kingdom before their Hajj visa expires


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