Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, October 27, 2016

Notice period as per Saudi Labor Law

Last year in the month of October (01-01-1437), Labor Ministry and the Council of Ministers approved and added thirty eight new amendments of Labor Law in Saudi Arabia. In which one of the amendment speaks about notice period in Saudi Arabia employment law for employees and employers according to new Labor Law. Related : 38 new amendments in Saudi Arabia employment law

- According to the Article 75 in the new amendments of Saudi Labor law, Monthly payable unlimited contract employees and employers can terminate the employment contract between each other by giving a notice period of at least 60 days and a valid reason. Similar : Probation Period of Labor law in Saudi Arabia

- If the notice period is different from 60 days in the signed contract between company and employee then the valid notice period will be as mentioned in the company contract.

- In case of notice period for termination is not mentioned in the contract then it will be sixty days as per labor law. Most Viewed :  Working hours in Saudi Arabia new law

- Employees who are not in the unlimited contract with hourly or any other basis salary payment for such employees and employers the notice period for terminating the contract is minimum 30 days and a valid reason. See Also : Saudi Arabia new law for foreigners retirement age

- Article 78 says that, Employees who are terminated with a invalid reason are permitted to seek reinstatement from the Labor Commission, If they prove the termination on invalid reason. Trending : Saudi labour law for vacation

- Article 77 in labor law allows both parties to specify damages in their employment contract in case of any party terminates the contract without a valid reason, The harmed party is entitled to an equivalent amount of 15 days wages for each year in a indefinite contract. In case of fixed term contract the remaining period wages or equivalent to employee 2 months wages.


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