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Mr. Nandu shared his valuable experience and a procedure of birth certificate with our blog, As he recently applied for birth certificate for his baby girl in Riyadh. He and we are hoping this information reach the required person. The following article is his written experience for all of us.

Birth Certificate in Riyadh on 18/07/2016

My appointment with the Ministry of Civil affairs was at 8 AM on 18/07/2016. I reached the office before 8 and I suggest everyone to do so.The initial Guards had verified the paper and guided to the main office. You can follow the queue and the official will check all your documents. Recommended : Saudi Arabia Birth Certificate Appointment online


- If the date exceeds 30 days from your baby DOB (Date Of Birth) then official will give you a hand written receipt for SR 50 and that must be paid at the counter nearby. At the payment counter the official will receive the money and affix a seal on your form. Similar : Procedure to add new born child under your iqama

- Then you must proceed to the initial counter again, he will issue you a token, Wait until your number displayed on the screen. There you will be given a printed Birth Certificate, then you will be guided to the Branch heads room and he will stamp and sign it. See Also : Chamber Of Commerce & MOFA Attestation procedure

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation :

MOFA is a must stamping and you can do the same on the same day itself. I made the payment SR 30 Online and had the receipt with me.

- Please note the MOFA payment is only 10 days valid. If you exceed the date you need to repay SR 30. Read this : Check Funds on your iqama through MOI website

The MOFA office is also situated in Nazriya. The Security Guards were not allowing cars inside office. I prefer the outer parking place near the Gate 3. You can also find so many agents office near Nazriya to make the MOFA Payments.

Inside MOFA office initially you must go through Security checkups, Then they will issue a token and as per the number the counter staff will check your document and make the stamping on back side of the certificate. Related : SADAD Online Payment Method

Eng.Nandu Naroth Thazhath

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