Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, June 12, 2016


Is your Apple iPhone deducting your sim card balance from your account automatically in the name of iMessage or something? Did you stop recharging your prepaid sim because of deductions on your iPhone 4, 4S, or 5, 5S, or 6, 6S? Which sim operator do you use on your iPhone, STC or Mobily or Zain or Virgin or Friendi? If your sim operator is STC, Read this article "STC Sawa balance deduction" then follow this article, Other sim operators can also proceed from here.

Make sure below settings of your iPhone are off, which may deduct your account balance from unnecessary internet charges. This mainly happens to those who are using WiFi most of the time and when they are out of WiFi signal they may face internet charges. Read Also : Whatsapp is now available on PC

1. Go to "SETTINGS" of your iPhone, Then scroll down till you see "iTunes & App Store", Once you opened iTunes & App Store, Turn off all the "AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD" applications which are on.

2. Turn off your iPhone mobile data, If you are using WiFi most of the time or if you do not have internet package on your sim, By opening the "SETTINGS" then "iTunes & App Stores" then turn off "Use Mobile Data". Similar : Activate SIM using Absher Wathiq Service

3. If you are a STC Sawa subscriber, You may charge for using internet as Easy Net (Pay As You Go) to deactivate it, Send toll free SMS to 900 by typing a message '2001'.

4. You can also check all other Mobile Data options of your iPhone, go to "SETTINGS" then scroll down, You will see a box of 'SEARCH' on the top, then type 'Mobile Data' and turn off all those setting which are using mobile data, If you do not hold a internet sim or if you are a WiFi user. You May Also Like : Using Cell phone while driving in KSA

- By above search, You may find the applications which are using mobile data like, 'Current Period', 'Current Period Roaming', 'Mobile Data Options', 'Limit Mail Drop Over Mobile Data', 'Mobile Data for Safari', 'Mobile Data for Music', etc,. See Also :  ATM Cash & POS Withdrawal Limits in Saudi


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