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If an expatriate dies in Saudi Arabia during work or in road accident or murdered then deceased person's legal family members can claim the death compensation in the form of End of service benefits or GOSI compensation from sponsor, blood money from the accused of the deceased person's death in case of murdered or road accident. Recommended : Procedure to follow for Death of an Expatriate

GOSI compensation for Deceased Expatriate Family:

If an expatriate dies in Saudi Arabia during any accident in work, His family members can receive a lump sum compensation equivalent to 84 months of his salary as GOSI compensation. Calculation of GOSI compensation is based on average salary of last 3 months however it should be below SR 330,000/- Recommended : Non Muslims Death in Saudi Arabia

End of Service Benefits on death of an expatriate :

Before burying the deceased person body, It is sponsor responsibility to deposit the end of service benefits of deceased person to Ministry Of Labor. Ministry Of Labor will send that money to his native country Embassy in Riyadh, From there it will transfer to home country and then to legal heirs of the deceased person. Recommended : End Of Service Benefits in Saudi Arabia

- In case of sponsor not agreeing to deposit end of service benefits to deceased person family, then they can register a case against the sponsor in one of Saudi Arabia Labor Courts. Recommended : New Amendments in Saudi Labor Law

Blood Money (Diya):

It is rule in Saudi Arabia, If a person dies unnatural death because of you, whether it is intentionally or accidentally then you need to face death execution or you can pay blood money to deceased person's family, if they are ready to accept. Recently Saudi Arabia Government set blood money amount to SR 300,000/- for unintentional or accidental cases and SR 400,000/- for murder cases. Recommended : Sending Dead Body to Home Country



Non Muslim legal heirs are not permitted to take anything from the Muslim deceased person inheritance. Even any compensation of Blood Money or End Of Service benefits, The Saudi Government will not discharge any kind of funds even legal heirs accepts Islam after the death of deceased person. Follow Up : How to Claim Death Compensation

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