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Expatriates in Kingdom can transfer money to their home country through Telemoney remittance center from Arab National Bank by exchanging Saudi Riyal to Philippine Peso, Saudi Riyal to Indian Rupee, £ to Saudi Riyal by checking Today currency rate in Saudi Arabia.

1. Telemoney Registration : Expatriates can register for Telemoney remittance account through nearest telemoney centers by providing their iqama or muqeem card copy and personal details.

2. Add Beneficiary Bank Account : Once you registered for telemoney account, You can add home country beneficiaries bank account, You can also add beneficiaries accounts by providing the details when you are registering for telecmoney account. You can add upto 15 beneficiaries allocating with serial numbers.

3. Send Money : Visit the teller counter of any telemoney branch, Give your Muqeem card number or iqama number and then tell the added beneficiary name or serial number to send money.

4. Sevice Charge and Deliver time : Pay the dedicated fee to the service, Depending on the service you select it will take 15 minutes to 72 hours to transfer money to beneficiary. Normally the fee is SR 16/- and it will take 24 hours in working days.

5. Transaction : Teller will enter your Iqama number, He will add the amount you gave to him, He will choose the beneficiary as you said, Once transaction finished, He will give you a receipt copy of the transaction with all the details including beneficiary and amount details, Keep it safe till the amount reached.

Crediting through following Indian Bank Accounts in India within 24 hours:

HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Federal Bank, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, South Indian Bank, Axis Bank.

Crediting through following Pakistani Bank Accounts in Pakistan within 24 hours:

Muslim Commercial Bank, United Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, Allied Bank, National Bank of Pakistan.

Crediting through following Philippine Bank Accounts in Philippines within 24 hours:

Rizal Commercial Bank Corporation (RCBC), Philippine National Bank, Metro Bank, BPInoy (BPI), BDO, China Bank (CBC), Bank of Commerce (BOC).

Telemoney Remittance Centers :

In RIYADH : Ahmad Bin Hanbal Street, Olaya - Moussa Bin Naseer Street, Al Batha- Al Rajhi Building, Al Batha Road- Bin Suleiman Commercial Center, Al Wizarat- Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Hassan Street, Al Abraj Street, 40th Street, Manfooha Main Street, Jarir Street, Al Kharj, Electricity Street, Prince Salman Street, 60th street, Al Haer Road, Umm Al-Hammam street, Ankas Street, 40th Street, King Abdul Aziz Road - Ibn Sina Street, Khashm Al Aan Street, Prince Mamdooh Road - Al Suleimaniya, Prince Turki Bin Abdullah Street - AL Shmeisi district, Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin baz street - Shmeisy district, Abo Bakr Al Razi Street - Al Suleimaniya district, Olaya - Opp to Computer market, King Faisal Street Riyadh Avenue, Al Naseem - Abu Al swad Al doolay Street.

In JEDDAH : Granada Street, Al Ajwad Street, Hail Street, Palestine Street, Heraa Street, King Khalid Street, Makkah Road - Kilo 5, Al Rawda Street, Al Sudeiri Street, Prince Moteb Street, Region 4 - Main Street, Al Thamaneen Street Crossing Heraa Street.

For more details on ANB Branches you can visit the below link.

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