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(Updated : October 2016)

Exit re entry visa for student (dependent) can be issued online by his sponsor (Father) through "MOI abhser account". In case of your father unable to issue online, His kafeel can do it for you. Most of the expatriates send their children to home country or any other country for studying, This article is about students exit re entry visa.

Issuance of Exit re entry visa for students may be in the form of single exit re entry which costs about 200 riyals for two months plus 100 riyals for each and every extra month. Multiple exit re entry costs 500 riyals for 3 months plus for each and every extra month 200 riyals. Recommend : Single Exit Re Entry

- Exit re entry visa and multiple entry visa allows you to stay out of Saudi Arabia for the duration of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, 150 days, 180 days upto 1080 days (3 years). Using exit re entry & multiple entry visa, You can take entry to the desired country by exiting through Saudi Arabia. Read this : Multiple Exit Re Entry

You can exit from KSA within the mentioned "exit before date", and should come back before the expiry of your exit re entry visa date. In case of unable to come, you can request for extension of your exit re entry at Saudi Embassy where you are studying, with the documents mentioned below. Similar : No Exit Re Entry Paper

- Your father need to arrange an employment certificate signed by Employer(with seal), Stamped through Chamber Of Commerce (COC) and attested by MOFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs).

- Your father(sponsor) also needs to get a print out of Student profile from Jawazat systems.

- A letter pad from company(employer) mentioning the expected date of student arrival.

You can also call +96612887444 Ext.800, and request to extend your exit re entry date and pay the required fee. In case of failed in extending your exit re entry, Your visa will be canceled and treated as permanent exit, You will not allowed to enter into kingdom.

Student Exit Re Entry Visa in Saudi Arabia

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