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Sponsorship transfer is also known as Naqal Kafala in Saudi Arabia. Labor Ministry made it possible for employees to transfer their sponsorship legally without kafeel approval in Saudi Arabia. If the employees met any of the below conditions. New : Domestic workers can transfer without kafeel

1. If your current company is in Red or Yellow Nitaqat categories of Sponsorship. Labor Ministry allows you to transfer your sponsorship to another company without informing your current sponsor. To know your current sponsor nitaqat color check this article "Check Nitaqat Category of current Sponsor".

Sponsorship Transfer without kafeel approval

2. Iqama Sponsorship Transfer, If you are a new employee in Saudi Arabia and your company or sponsor failed to provide Iqama or Muqeem card to you within 3 months, Then you can change your sponsorship legally with another company without current kafeel approval. Reccommended article "Nitaqat categories of sponsorship".

3. Being an employee of your current sponsor, If you did not receive salary from more than 3 months then you are free to join another company. You can transfer your sponsorship to another company without your current sponsor approval. You can also read this article for more information about "Sponsorship Transfer in KSA".

4. If you are new in Saudi Arabia as employee and your kafeel or sponsor is in Red or Yellow Category, Then you can transfer your sponsorship without kafeel approval, How ever you need to contact labor office in this situation.

5. If your Iqama or Muqeem is expired before one month and your sponsor did not renew it, Then also you can transfer to new sponsor with the help of labor office.

6. Most of the companies failed in Wage Protection System of Labor Ministry, Those companies employees can transfer their sponsorship to new companies.

- Labor Ministry allows Employees with the above conditions for sponsorship transfer  to any individual company. If your current sponsor is under Green Nitaqat category then you need your kafeel approval for sponsorship transfer. Reccommended article "Naqal Kafala in KSA".

It is Not possible for Sponsorship Transfer if you met any of below conditions.

1. If your passport is expired.

2. If you have a valid final exit visa or exit re entry visa.

3. If you or your new sponsor have any traffic violations. Read this article to "Check your traffic violation through MOI".

4. If Labor Ministry (MOL) deos not approve your sponsorship transfer.

5. If you are under huroob or runaway status. You can check your status in this article "Check Huroob status".

6. If sufficient funds not available for transfer service.

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  1. I am working here in a company from a month. And still waiting for my Iqama. The company was in red category first. Now they say they have completed procedure. But they are in 'Very Small Green' category from 2 weeks. They say they cannot make my Iqama in this category. They need to get full green status first. Is it true?

    And if it is true, can I take tanazul to some green category? or should I must wait for three months period?


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