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Human Resources reveals the details on Implementation of updated Precautionary Measures in Workplaces from 1st February

The official spokesperson for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia, Saad Al Hammad, stated that the application of precautionary measures in workplaces ensures a safe and healthy work environment and preserves the safety of workers and public.

Al Hammad explained through his Twitter account explained that starting from 1st February 2022, receiving the booster dose is a condition for the maintaining "immune" status in the application of "Tawakkalna" for all those who has been 8 months or more after receiving the second dose of corona vaccine.

- He called on companies of the Kingdom in the public and private sectors to verify by checking the status of immunization and health status only in the Tawakkalna application, and not to request any checks outside the approved protocols or impose additional measures. Trending : Position of vaccinated people on infected with corona virus - Ministry of Health

- Al Hammad highlighted the importance of adhering to precautionary measures in the workplace by wearing face mask, physical distancing, and ensuring the health status of the worker in the Tawakkalna application while entering the workplaces.

- Earlier this, The Ministry of Health announced that starting from 1st February 2022, Immune status will be updated in the Tawakkalna app, for those all who has been received 2nd dose before 8 months.

- The health ministry clarified that the Immune status will not change for those who received 2nd dose in less than 8 months. Recommend : Automatic sick leave on infected with virus is only for employee who received 2 doses of corona vaccine

- Before this, the Ministry of Interior announced that starting from 1st February, all Saudi citizens and resident expats in the Kingdom must take booster dose of corona vaccine to secure their Immune status on Tawakkalna application.

- Immune status is must for all who are 18 years and over, who wish to attend any social, economic, commercial, cultural, scientific, entertainment or sporting event in the Kingdom. Those who have issues with vaccine are excluded from it, as per their Exempted status in Tawakkalna application. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Instagram

Implementation of updated Precautionary Measures in Workplaces from 1st February -

Implementation of updated Precautionary Measures in Workplaces from 1st February -

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