Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Jawazat in Saudi Arabia clarifies required important things of Passport at the time of Traveling outside the Kingdom

Jawazat in Saudi Arabia clarified that the passport is the only document that authorizes its owner to travel outside the Kingdom through any Saudi ports, The Jawazat also clarifies some more important information regarding passports in order to travel outside Kingdom. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

1. The passport data should be clear and readable and its holders photo must be clear.

2. At least 6 months validity required when traveling to other countries and 3 months validity required when the passport holder traveling to Arab countries. See Also : GACA directs airlines to verify immunization status of expats before boarding flight to Saudi Arabia

3. Make sure of the requirements of the destination country to travel in case it requires entry visa.

4. Ensure the health requirements are met of the destination country.

5. Passport must not be damaged at the time of travel.

6. Take necessary travel permits issued before the the time of travel.

- The Jawazat earlier clarified that in case of non-departure within 60 days of final exit visa validity, a fine of 1000 riyals will be imposed for canceling the final exit and iqama should be valid to be able to complete the procedure. Read : Civil Aviation Authority updates entry procedures of Expats and visitors into Kingdom

Jawazat clarifies required important points of Passport at the time of Travel

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