Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Saudi Arabia confirms 133 new Corona cases, bringing Total to 900 with 29 Recoveries and 2 Deaths

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia confirms 133 new Coronavirus cases in the Kingdom, raising the total to 900 with 29 recovered and 2 deaths, as of Today (25th March 2020), Remaining all infected persons are being treated in the health centers of the country. Trending : Riyadh, Makkah and Madina partial Curfew will be from 3 PM to 6 AM

One death of a resident of 46 years old in Makkah Mukarmma due to Coronavirus, making the total 2 deaths as of Today. Most of the cases are receiving treatment and are in good condition, 3 are in critical condition receiving extra care from Intesive Care Unit (ICU). 

- Among the new 133 cases, 115 are due to contacts with infected persons and 18 coming from recent travel, all were placed in quarantine after their arrival. By region wise the new cases are

Riyadh : 83
Dammam : 13
Jeddah : 10
Madinah : 6
Qatif : 6
Khobar : 5
Najran : 4
Abha : 2
Arar : 2
Dhahran : 1
Jubail : 1

- Spokesperson of Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulali said the precautionary measures for those coming from outside Saudi Arabia, it was possible to early detection of the infected before mixing with society, and we stress the distance from gatherings and stay in and urge everyone to adhere to it. 

- The worldwide figures of Coronavirus (Covid-19) as of Today (25 March 2020) are 424,048 infections, 108,629 recoveries and 18,923 deaths.

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