Mar 18, 2018


The Ministry Of Interior (MOI) in Saudi Arabia has added 2 new conditions for Saudi women who wants to marry foreigner man or Expat man. Related : New rules for Saudi man marrying expat woman or foreign woman

As per new regulations (2018), Saudi women aged above 50 years will not be allowed to marry foreigners, Earlier the limit of age to marry expat man was 55 years, now it is limited to 50 years. Similar : New rules for Saudi woman marrying expat man or foreigner man

- Ministry in the second condition ban Saudi women from marrying foreigners or expats, If the age difference between them exceeds 15 years. Earlier it was 30 years, now its reduced down to 15 years.

- According to the Ministry of Justice, About 700,000 Saudi women are married to foreigners, which is 10% of all married Saudi women, However there is no figure of the Saudi men married to foreigner girls. Trending : Saudi nationality to be granted to expat women with Saudi children

- Saudi man marrying foreigner woman had become a common in the last 20 years, 64% of the foreign wives of Saudis are from Asian countries, 19% are Africans, 4.3% from Arabian Gulf countries and 4% are from Western countries.

- Saudi authorities had issued a set of 17 requirements for international marriages because of growing phenomenon, Saudi nationals must follow these requirements in order to marry a foreigner. Most Viewed : Expat mother of Saudi children to be count as Saudi now

New Conditions for Saudi marrying Foreigners

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