Saudi Arabia National Day falls on 23rd September of every year, It is a public holiday in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However this year National Day is falling on Friday, As it is already weekend holiday in KSA, so you will get another holiday on Thursday (22nd September 2016).

As per the tweet of one of the spokesman of Ministry of Civil Service, This year National day official holiday will be on Thursday that is September 22, As September 23 is already a weekend holiday as it is Friday, However National Day will be celebrate only on September 23rd in KSA. Recommended : Public Holidays in Saudi Arabia

In case of National Day falls on Saturday of any other year then Sunday will be an official holiday, But the celebration of National Day will be on September 23rd only. This news is also reported in Saudi Gazette news. Similar : Filipinos stopped from taking final exit

Saudi National Day Holiday on 22 September

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established on 23rd September of 1932 by the Late King Abdul Aziz (Ibn Saud). Since the establishment Saudi Arabia is known for one of most stable countries of the world. See Also : King Khalid International Airport Domestic Flights

- The Saudi citizens and Saudi expatriates always shared their love, trust and respect with all the ruled and rulers of Kingdom. Read this : Airline Delay compensation in KSA

- Saudi National Day will celebrate among all type of people young, old, men, women, citizens and expats. You May Like : Iqama Renewal Increment Fee

- Proud to be a Citizen or Expatriate of Saudi Arabia and raise a national flag to celebrate this Saudi National day on 23rd September 2016 (Friday).

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