Posted by : Aahil Shaik Oct 5, 2015


Ministry Of Interior Qatar approved 201 professions of (Gulf Corporation Council) GCC Residents (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman) who are eligible to get Qatar Visa On Arrival at any border of Qatar or from Doha International, Qatar Airport. To know whether your profession is listed or not, Use Ctrl+F and type your profession in this article "Eligible professions for Qatar on Arrival Visit Visa".

Requirements for Qatar Visa On Arrival for GCC Residents:

1. Original GCC Resident Identity Card or Iqama with a validity of minimum 6 months.

2. Original Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.

3. If you are flying through air, You must need a booked return ticket.

4. Exit re Entry Visa of the country from where you are traveling.

5. Approved Profession from the Ministry Of Interior, Qatar.

Qatar Visa On Arrival for GCC Residents
Fee Details of Qatar Visa on Arrival :

1. Qatar On Arrival Visit visa issuance fee for GCC Residents : 100 QR 

2. For each Accompanied person of Applicant : 50 QR

4. Validity of Qatar On Arrival Visa : 1 Month.

3. Possible Extension for 3 months with a fee of 100 QR per month for applicant and 50 QR per month for each accompanied person.

4. Fine for Overstay in Qatar 200 QR per day.

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  1. Me and my friend have tried 2 times by road, both professions are acceptable.
    1st time they said, Sales Representative can enter and technician can not, then we went to embessy, they said go, no problem. again we went and 2nd time they said Technician can enter mandoob cannot, they are STUPID people on boarder not welcoming any guests, when we say we have prove that we went to embessy, the said EMBESSY HAS NO CONCERN WITH BORDER.
    Stupid Qatar Immigration.


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